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Hi everyone! I'm starting on a new fanfiction which I'm meaning to call The Sun of Brightcrest, and I'm going to start posting it to this wiki, just as the first chapter is complete.

Summary: Liam Brightcrest knows that he's not of the Brightcrest house. He has lived in the kingdom of Dyndenvar since he could remember, but knows that long ago he was abandoned at the gates of the city of Brightcrest, named after the Brightcrest family that lives there. Now he goes on a quest to find out where he came from, but the answers are darker than he could have ever imagined...

Some of the characters and names of placesare the same as in The Hydromancer (my book-in-progress), but they are not connected in any other way. They are two seperate worlds that never touch.

And if you're thinking that it doesn't have anything to do with Merlin, than I can assure you it does. The story starts sometime in season 4.