• TheHydromancer

    It was evening when the knights returned from their trip.

    Liam had made it back just after them, having stopped to gather some herbs on the way as to have an excuse for being out. To be in trouble was the last thing he wanted.

    He was sorting them into the stores when Merlin came in, looking slightly paler than usual. Liam could easily guess why as the other warlock told Gaius about what had happened on the trip.

    “I am surprised that such a shrine exists so close to Camelot.” The physician commented when Merlin was finished.

    Liam froze. So that’s what it had been. A shrine. All he had ever been told about these sacred places came crashing back to him.

    “And it was cursed. I could feel it.” So could I. Liam bit back the retort. It should have been obv…

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  • TheHydromancer

    Frustrated, Liam was on the brink of throwing the heavy book across the room. He just couldn’t keep the names of various different herbs straight, but it wasn’t just that that was bugging him.

    That episode with Gwen being banished still disturbed him.

    She had done nothing wrong, except fall under an enchantment… Yet still not a word against Arthur’s decision had been uttered by him as the king had sentenced her to exile, seeing that the only reason he was still allowed to be in a ten mile radius of Camelot was because Gaius had intervened, saying that he would need more help as Merlin more and more frequently was out. Arthur had, a bit reluctantly, agreed to this.

    Unfortunately Gaius had meant it, and now Liam was stuck learning herbs and poti…

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  • TheHydromancer

    When Liam opened his eyes, he found himself staring up at a wooden ceiling, and looked groggily around. Frowning, he thought this isn’t my room… , before remembering that of course he wasn’t at home.

    Weeks had passed since he and Rethik had left Brightcrest.


    Liam cursed under his breath, threw back the covers that lay on him and jumped up. Immediately, he fell back again, moaning in agony as his broken ribs protested against the sudden movement. This was not good, being separated from his friend as well as having broken bones.

    Clutching his aching chest, he gazed around at the room.

    Shelves filled the walls, littered with labeled bottles and books. A table lay in the middle of the scene, and he strange scent filled the air. The scent of …

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  • TheHydromancer

    Liam didn’t think he’d ever been more nervous. The heat inside the helmet was stifling.

    How can they stand this? Liam thought.

    In Brightcrest they never wore helmets, as there the knights believed that showing the pride and loyalty was more important than protection, for the gods would determine whether a knight died that day or not. Jousts were on the other hand more dangerous without a helmet, Liam reflected as he heard the crowd cheer loudly as another knight was knocked out of the saddle.

    The heavily sleeping body of a knight lay next to where he stood.

    Liam just hoped that the enchantment would last long enough for him to disappear off again before anyone noticed that two duplicate knights were running around, and that the knight he’d chose…

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  • TheHydromancer

    Staring into the fire, Liam was deep in thought.

    It had been weeks since the run-in with the unknown magic-user, but he still sometimes thought about it, unable to stop himself. Rethik had never said a word about it, but Liam knew his friend well enough to know that he didn’t like it one bit. Zigzagging across the various countries here, they moved from village to village, town to town, hoping to find a lead.

    At least Liam was hoping. He wasn’t so sure about Rethik, who was more likely to simply be enjoying the adventure. That was fine by Liam, just as long as his friend was still with him.

    That friend was now stretched luxuriously out on the other side of the fire, Syth just behind him.

    Liam gave a contented sigh.Life was good right now, expect…

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