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    'Strength' Chapter 9

    October 31, 2012 by Merlin artist

    In a fairly nearby forest, Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald, two of the knights who were travelling to Camelot for the melee, were making camp for the evening. Little did they know, Dagr and Ebor were hidden behind a bush, listening to their conversation.

    'How much further would you say it is to Camelot?' Sir Ethan asked.

    'Half a day's ride. The journey is almost over.' Sir Oswald replied.

    'It is for you.' Dagr said, emerging from the bush.

    'Oswald!' Sir Ethan cried, as he saw Dagr rushing in for the attack.

    They fought against each other, but both Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald were killed, their swords were no match for the Stulorne Blades. Dagr stabbed Oswald and Ebor took Ethan from behind. A servant of the two knights ran out of the tent.

    'Dagr' Ebor sai…

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  • Merlin artist

    'Strength' Chapter 8

    October 30, 2012 by Merlin artist

    After a little while, Gwaine felt strong enough to stand up and have a little walk around, he needed to exercise his wounded leg anyway. He put on his leather boots and strode up to the window to let some light into the room.

    At the window, Gwaine looked out to see the amazing city of Camelot, complete with the smell of freshly cooked food being sold at the markets.

    The city was spectacular. It stretched on and on. There were lots of tiny little houses emitting smoke out of the chimneys. Gwaine presumed everyone was baking bread or cooking their lunch, it seemed about midday.

    Gwaine was in an inquisitive mood so he put his shirt back on and headed down into the lower town for a little walk.

    Whilst walking down the main street, Gwaine noticed a…

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  • Merlin artist

    'Strength' Chapter 7

    October 28, 2012 by Merlin artist

    'How's Gwaine?' Arthur asked Merlin as he was finishing his chores in Arthur's now perfectly clean chambers.

    'Recovering.' Merlin replied, whilst pausing to look out of the window down into the courtyard.

    'Who's that?' he asked. Arthur went over to the window to see who Merlin was talking about. There was a knight arriving in the square.

    'Ahh, Sir Darien. He's here for the melee.' Arthur explained.

    ' Oh yeah. I remember now. The tournament where the knights ride around hitting eachother with blunt weapons for no good reason.' Merlin said sarcastically.

    'There's a little more to it than that.' Arthur said back, slightly offended.

    'Really? All I've ever seen is people getting the seven balls knocked out of them so that the last man standing can be…

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  • Merlin artist

    'Strength' Chapter 6

    October 28, 2012 by Merlin artist

    When they reached Camelot, Arthur and Merlin took Gwaine straight to Gaius. They set Gwaine down on Merlin's bed.

    'Merlin, fetch me some fresh water, towels, a needle and silk thread.'

    'And honey?' Merlin added.

    'You're learning.'

    Arthur looked at Gaius for an explanation.

    'Helps fight the infection.' Gaius said.

    'Will he be alright?' Arthur asked, genuinely concerned.

    'Providing he's strong.'

    'He is that. The man saved my life Gaius. He's to be given anything he needs.' Arthur informed.

    The next morning, Gwaine awoke in a vert unfamiliar environment to him. He found himself to be shirtless and tucked up in someone's bed. Gwaine shirtless was quite a pleasing sight. He had strong muscles and a set of abs very appealing to any girl. Gwaine also wor…

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  • Merlin artist

    'Strength' Chapter 5

    October 27, 2012 by Merlin artist

    Arthur was utterly confused as to why a commoner was getting involved.

    Gwaine took a drink fromhis tankard then passed it to Dagr, he looked down at it and Gwaine smiled. Then he punched Dagr in the face.

    That was it. Fighting broke out across the tavern. Arthur was locked in combat with Dagr and Gwaine was fighting multiple members of his gang. Merlin was free from fighting for a second, then he saw two thugs charging towards him from the same direction. He spotted a nearby bench, his eyes flashed instinctively orange and the bench flew up and hit the two thugs square in the chest, knocking them out.

    Merlin creeped and dodged his way around to behind the bar. Gwaine turned round to see Merlin.

    'Pass the jug, eh?' he said, sounding out of brea…

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