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    New Fanfic

    December 20, 2012 by Leonardomerlinfan

    Hi! This is a short preview of a fanfic that I'm going to write when I get time. It's called, "Hearts of Stone."

    "Sire, I think you should come and see this," Leon's tone was grave. Arthur swung his legs over the side of the bed and pulled a shirt over his head.

    The tall knight lead Arthur down the corridors to Gaius's chambers. Halfway there, they met Gwen. The serving girl's face was streaked with tears and she was sobbing. Leon continued to pull Arthur through the castle hallways. Just before Gaius's door, Leon stopped before knocking. "I warn you sire that this concerns Merlin."Arthur eyes opened wide in horror. The knight pushed open the door and Arthur gasped.

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  • Leonardomerlinfan

    Galian woke to the bright morning sunshine shining in through her window. Her daemon, Darih, fluttered to her shoulder as a barn owl. Absent mindedly, she ran her fingers through his glossy brown feathers and continued to stare out the window. Galian was thinking about the party of captives that had arrived last night. Morgana had sent her up to her chambers as soon as they had entered the castle at sundown. Speaking of her foster mother, she'd better head down to breakfast soon. Galian threw the covers back and dragged a lilac dress over her head, brushed her auburn hair and sprinted down the spiral stairs to th great hall.

    Morgana sat at the head of the long brown table in the great hall with her daemon, a large black panther named Helix,…

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  • Leonardomerlinfan

    Bandits swarmed in on the knights from all sides. The knights and Arthur formed a protective circle around Percival and the injured Merlin. Percival crouched down, shielding Merlin with his body. Alith had started to come round and Salhak was now standing over her limp body. Merlin, however, was still unconcious.

    Despite the knight's fighting skills, they were soon overpowered for what the bandits lacked in skill they made up for in numbers. Arthur watched anxiously as his manservant was flung roughly over the back of a horse. Despite her master being unconcious, Alith had changed into a falcon and was standing on Merlin's prone body, hissing at any of the bandits as they passed by. Blood was soaking through the makeshift bandage and little…

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    The courtyard of Camelot was buzzing with activity despite it being the early hours of the morning. Merlin saddled up his horse with Alith perched on his shoulder as a falcon. He hadn't let her out of his sight ever since their nightmare last night. Eventually the girth was tight enough and Merlin mounted the dark bay. Arthur looked across at his raven haired servant and was suprised at the depressed expression on the boy's face.

    "You alright?" Arthur asked anxiously.

    Merlin looked round and gave Arthur a tight lipped smile and a nod. Arthur stared worriedly at the young man a little longer and then yelled out an order to the knights.

    "We set off for the village of Neathid. Neathid lies in Odin's land so watch your backs."

    The four knights nod…

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    Merlin collapsed onto his bed, exhausted. As well as running about all over the castle alerting knights and informing councils, Arthur had made him clean his armour, muck out the horses and feed the dogs. Alith flopped down beside him and both fell asleep.

    Merlin stirred in his sleep, Alith tossing beside him. The two of them were trapped in a nightmare.

    Merlin saw a black wolf dragging Alith further and further away from him. He could only feel pain as he was dragged further and further away from his daemon.

    "Alith!" Merlin woke up screaming. Alith leapt into his arms, obviously traumitized by the nightmare . She dug her little lynx claws into Merlin's chest.

    "It's alright, I'm here," Alith whispered as she clung to Merlin with all her might.…

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