Hello, this is my very first fanfiction so please don't be too hard on me.  It is an AU of The Diamond of the Day and Arthur lives.


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The Court Sorcerer

When Merlin becomes Court Sorcerer, Arthur finds out the hard way that not too many people like the warlock...

Chapter 1

Merlin strode through the castle, his midnight blue cloak billowing behind him. It had been several months since Arthur had proclaimed him Camelot's official court Sorcerer but he was still required to wear his blue attiire nearly everday. How he was still alive, Merlin would never know. That fateful day still swam through his memories. "No, Merlin!" Arthur had cried as the raven haired warlock transferred the wound to his own body. Merlin could remember collapsing and seeing Arthur's face blurring above him. Then everything went black.  That was all he could remember but Arthur had filled him in on all the details after. Unfortunately for the boy, while he had been pondering on his memories, he failed to  notice someone sneaking up behind him. It was only when he was shoved through the window that Merlin noticed the cloaked figure but by then it was too late. Merlin's body slammed into theground and he knew no more.

"Where is he?" Leon muttered under his breath. Lord Numitor had just arrived and Merlin was no-where to be seen. Just as Leon was passing through the courtyard, he saw a crumpled figure lying on the ground. The lean knight's eyes  widened in horror as he  recognized the blue cloak spread  around the body. "MERLIN!"

I know it's really short but the others will be longer.