• Dryuuu

    Post how you would've done the finale (part 2 and/or part 1) in the comments below!! This is of course pretending the budget was waayyy bigger :D and more screentime..

    I will cover how I would've done part 2.

    • The war in Camlann continues. It's the same epic action but twice as much magic and a few more scenes. Also less reused shots of Arthur kicking and stabbing Saxons. Maybe a few less matrix slow-mo shots (they were still really cool) so it looks less reused. We also get to see more Gwaine and Leon fighting individually.
    • Aithusa flies across the sky and Mordred and Morgana are standing on the cliff above where the war is happening. They chant a spell, and the sky goes a more fiery red like in the vision. Fireballs then start raining down f…
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