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Alethia II Alethia II 12 November 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 21


That was all he could see. It streamed from Anwen’s stomach down the pale marble altar and pooled at Kyna’s feet. He saw colour leave Anwen’s skin and she struggled to keep her eyes open. Arthur’s was vaguely aware Kyna calling Merlin to them and two of them shouting healing spells on Anwen. All he was focused on was Anwen’s paling face and screams of pain that tore from her throat.

Arthur woke up with a start thin layer of sweat on his face as he worked to get his breathing under control. Despite the fact that the Dorocha incident happened five months ago, he still had nightmares. It was a small and hollow comfort to know he was not the only one. Every member of their group had some form of nightmares, all revolving about what happen…

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Alethia II Alethia II 25 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 20

Eight pairs of eyes stared at the dagger in Anwen’s hand, unable to stop admiring its cold beauty. Although as Merlin stared at it, he could feel its presence, almost as if the dagger was alive but he assumed it had something to do with the ruby embedded in the handle.


“Carublæd. It was given to me by Rhiannon, High Priestess after Kyna and I completed our final test on Bælial.”

“I’ve never seen it before.” Kyna remarked.

“Because I never believed I would have to use it.”

“What exactly does it do?” Lancelot asked suspiciously, he knew he was not going to like where this was going the moment she drew out that blade.

“It has been made few centuries ago when some of the Priests and Priestess objected that the blood sacrifice for Caille…

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Alethia II Alethia II 24 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 19

No mortal has ever survived their touch.

And that was true.

Until last night.

And then, in Arthur’s opinion, Merlin had to be an idiot and jump in front of the Dorocha instead of him. In those few seconds as Merlin hung suspended in the air and then flung into the wall behind him, Arthur honestly thought that was it. That the conversation they had just few moments before Merlin jumped to protect him was the last one he had ever had with Merlin. And yet here they were. Morning after and Merlin was alive. But both Anwen and Kyna stated that he was dying and needed to be taken back to Gaius.

Ever since he met his manservant, Arthur knew there was something different about him. The happy-go-lucky attitude always puzzled him. As he started get to k…

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Alethia II Alethia II 24 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 18

“We need some wood and horses need to be watered.” Arthur stated when they stopped their journey to the Isle of the Blessed.

Merlin of course immediately went to get the wood, not wishing to be present for Anwen’s lecture session. Arthur grimaced the moment he spotted his cousin narrow gaze on him. After hours of deathly silence, it seemed he was in for lecture. Not that he thought he deserved it, considering his decision to leave on the quest whilst she was still unconscious. He was surprised though when she approached him and started talking in eerily calm voice. In his opinion, that was much worse that shouting.

“Do you have so low opinion of yourself that you are willing to just walk into your death?”


“Then please explain your decisi…

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Alethia II Alethia II 23 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 17

When Anwen came back to the realm of consciousness, first thing she noticed was Lancelot sleeping besides her, clad in his daily outfit with small worried frown gracing his brow. She sighed a bit and caressed his stubble cheek, wondering how long she was asleep and how long was he keeping vigil over her before falling asleep from the exhaustion himself.

Her movements seemed to have woken him and soon she found herself staring in his dark brown eyes that were full of concern and fear. But fear of what?

“How long was I asleep?”

“Two nights and one day, you were really worn. For moment we thought you just slipped away.”

“I am sorry to have caused you such worry. What has happened whilst I was out?”

His eyes meandered away for only a second but it …

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