Aithusa poufpouf22

aka Stavrou--------lalalaaaaa

  • I live in amazing Greece!!
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is I am a little young to start working =P!!
  • I am a witch with powerful sorcery!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aithusa poufpouf22

    My 1st fan fic hope u like it!!!!!!=D

    Knights,Merlin and Arthur walk closer a lake.Saddenly they heard someone screaming they go to see what happend.They saw a hurt fairy.The fairy go back scared.

    Next day they arived in Siria's vilage her friend Tea and the Queen of fairies Aria wait for them

    Aria said.

    Tea said and hug Siria.

    Aria said to Arthur.

    Siria said.

    After the leave Siria Merlin said:

    (Knight laughing)

    Sorry guys it is a little small but..anyway hope u like it!!=)

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