Merlin Fan Fiction Wiki
Full name Renata
Aliases Alethia II
Nicknames Nina
Gender Female
Eye color Blue-green
Hair color Medium brown
Species Human
Place of origin Zagreb
Abilities Photographic memory
Created by Moi
Allies All Merlin fans, wherever they may be hiding
Enemies Many
Team affiliations Knights of Camelot
First appearance Centuries ago
Last appearance {{{Last appearance}}}
Status Alive

About me[]

Tell you the truth people, there is not much to tell. I've been a Merlin fan since the first series came out. The Arthurian myths have always been my interest. I watched Merlin and write fanfictions. That's pretty much it. Don't even bother to ask who my favourite character is because I don't have one, the entire cast is dear to me and it is impossible to pick one. That is like asking me which friend I like better.


My fanfics[]

Yes people, I do write stories. And I think I write them quite well for someone who does it for fun alone and has no aspirations to become a writer one day. I leave that in more than capable hands of fellow Merlinian by the name Gerda .

These are my Merlin stories:

The Witch-queen of Essetir

The Throne of Light

The Moonlit Hour

Fanfic recommendations[]

Merlin series by Alaia Skyhawk - Seriously, that woman is my favourite Merlin fic writer. Take some time and click on the link to discover why, maybe you will like it too.


Favorite song of the month[]

October - Lifehouse - You and me

November - Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Favorite soundtrack of the month[]

October - Merlin Series 4 OST #18 - The Bond of Sacrifice

November - Merlin Series 1 OST #06 - Fighting in the Market