Unicorns are magical horse-like creatures with a single spiral horn growing from their foreheads. These rare and magical beasts of the forests are often hunted for their magical horns.


Like many magical creatures, unicorns were born from the ancient magic that formed the earth. They are said to be the creatures of light magic.


Unicorns are one of the most powerful magical creatures. They are very secretive and shy. A unicorn will only approach someone who has a good heart, especially fair maidens. Sadly, unicorns are very rare. Many hunters use fair maidens to capture a unicorn. The unicorn, thinking it is safe rests beside the maiden and lets her touch it, then the hunters kill the unicorn and take its horn.

Those who kill a unicorn will suffer a terrible curse. The curse brings a terrible famine upon the land.

People want unicorn horns as they are the source of its magic. The horn can purify any liquid and if made into a cup, it will purify poison and make it safe to drink.

The unicorns live in herds in the depths of the forest.


Unicorns have the heads and bodies of beautiful horses but they have cloven hooves like a stag or goat. The males have short beards and all unicorns have a single glowing, spiral horn. Their horns can be gold, silver, black, red or all four. Some horns have small patterns like stripes of spots on their horns. Unicorns are usually white or silver but some are gold, chestnut or black or brown and white or black and white. Their manes are very long and are the same colour as their skin. Unicorns glow with magic.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Unicorns have the power to heal every natural or supernatural disease or sickness. The magic in their horns can purify all liquids, make all venoms and poison harmless and heal broken bones and wounds. With one touch of their horns, unicorns can heal someone who is in pain. Unicorns can sense the pressence of poison and their horns have the power to banish curses and destroy poisonus animals.

Unicorns can sense if someone has a good heart. Unicorns will attack if they sense someone has dark intentions. Their horns are sharp and unicorns are much stronger than a normal horse.

Unicorns can teleport by fading into thin air.