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A/N: My sixth Merlin fanfic. Hope you like it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. :D MerlinDragonLord.[]

The Mystery of the Round Table


The Round Table was set in the middle of the hall. Whenever Merlin entered he was always stunned by its majestic look. His and Arthur's destiny had truly begun now. It was built entirely of elder and had a magnificent carving of a gold dragon placed right in the middle of the table. It was a ring of trust of unity.

Merlin knew the places off by heart Arthur and Gwen sat at the top then Gwaine, Elyan, Percival, Leon, Mordred, Geraint, Pellinore, Owaine, Bedivere and then the royal council. There was an empty seat on the king's right side. 'Who's that seat for?' Merlin wondered. He looked on as the knights entered; he searched for any new faces but didn't find a single one. There is no one new here. So I wonder who it's for.....'

"Today holds the dawn of a new era." Arthur said looking around at all his knights, his trusted allies. "The era of the most loyal and honourable kingdom the world will ever know. Fit with the most loyal and honourable army." Merlin smiled, nowadays he totally agreed with everything Arthur said...... well almost everything. He didn't agree with Arthur making Mordred a knight of Camelot.

When Arthur was a prince he was arrogant and big-headed. But now he had become king he had grown up a lot. He was no longer arrogant or supercilious or patronising. He was a king that the people loved and were proud to call their sovereign. He was a much better king than his father would ever have been.