Liam Brightcrest
Liam Brightcrest
Full name Liam Brightcrest
Aliases The Sun of Brightcrest
Nicknames Magesword
Gender Male
Eye color Pale green
Hair color Dark brown
Species Human
Place of origin Brightcrest, Dyndenvar
Abilities Magic, skilled at fighting with magic and sword at the same time
Occupation Knight of Brightcrest
Created by TheHydromancer
Family Rowan Brightcrest (guardian)

Ygraine De Bois (mother)

Tristan De Bois (uncle)

Agravaine De Bois (uncle)

Arthur Pendragon (half-brother)

Allies Rowan Brightcrest

Blayze Brightcrest


Arthur Pendragon

Gwen Pendragon

Enemies Morgana

The Lamia


Team affiliations Knights of Brightcrest


Knights of Camelot

Old Religion

First appearance The Sun of Brightcrest, Chapter 1
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Status Alive

"You look like me, but you're just like your mother, with a good and kind heart. These are valuable things. Never lose them."

-Elias Risfan to Liam Brightcrest

Liam Brightcrest is the only son of Ygraine De Bois and Elias Risfan, but has been brought up in the Brightcrest house. This was because Ygraine left him at the gates of Brightcrest. The reason why she did this is unknown to all save Ygraine. Liam is a talented warlock, possesing an unusual ability to be able to fight using magic and a sword at the same time. This talent was inherited from his father, and he often uses it to his advantage.


Liam is quite a troublemaker, although he is too proud to admit it. He has got sharp observation skills, but can be as stubborn as a mule in his beliefs. Taking risks is not like him, unless there is none or little consequences, but this does not make him a coward. Quite the oppisite. He is couragous, but doesn't do stupid or potentionally fatal things. Unfortunately this often makes others see him as a coward. Even though he does honour and bow down to the gods, he is not very religious, as he believes that every man has the right to do what they think is right, and should not be condemned for it. And, being a knight, he has picked up his fair share of arrogence, but it does not show too much.