Holding On

This is a fanfiction about the aftermath of Freya’s death.

Merlin felt that grief would overwhelm him. Crying, he lowered his face into his hands. The boy’s mind was wiped clear apart from thoughts of Freya and an old song his mother had taught him when he was little.

“When all is gone and hope seems lost,”

All was gone, Freya was gone. The one light of his light had been extinguished after only a few days together. Why did Arthur have to do this to him? He risked his life every day for him and this was how he was repaid? With the death of his lover? 

"I'll be there so you can hold on."

Freya wasn't there, Freya was dead. Her soul had travelled to Avalon.

"Even when I'm gone," 

Fresh tears spilled out of Merlin's eyes. His body wracked with sobs. Freya, the light of his life gone forever. What was there left for him?

"I'll still be there for you to hold on."

His tearstained blue eyes flicked upwards to the ceiling. Could Freya still be here, watching over him? Was it possible that even now, she was looking down at him?

"So listen to me and keep holding on."

Merlin took a deep breath and sat up. That's what he'd do, he'd hold on and fulfill his destiny. He'd make Freya proud. He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes. In his dreams, he could see Freya still holding his hands, feel her tender lips as they stroked his face. Smiling he succumbed to blissful sleep.

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