Full name Carublæd
Aliases The Blade of Sorrow
Type Ceremonial dagger, used specifically for blood sacrfices
Place of Origin Isle of the Blessed
Mentioned The Throne of Light: Chapter 17
Appearances The Throne of Light: Chapters 17,18, 19 and 20
Owned by Anwen Averay
Created by Alethia II

"It has been made few centuries ago when some of the Priests and Priestesses of the Old Religion objected that the blood sacrifice for Cailleach is done wrong. The ruby in the handle is enchanted to anchor the souland keept it in the body."
- Anwen describing Carublæd

Carublæd is a ceremonial dagger used by Priestess of the Old Religion for blood sacrifice.



"I believe you recognize this. Our ancestors forged it in blood and fire and magic."

According to Anwen and Cailleach , Carublæd was created on Eve of Samhain on the Isle of the Blessed few centuries ago after some members that served the Old Religion objected to the price that was paid to Cailleach for tearing the Veil open for one night.

In possesion of High Priestess of BaelialEdit

It is uknown as to how and when the Carublæd was transferred from Isle of the Blessed to Baelial where it was guarded by the High Priestess Rhiannon but it is assumed around some time before Uther began the Great Purge.

Closing the torn VeilEdit

It is known that Rhiannon gave the Carublæd to Anwen after the latter completed the final test on Baelial after which she became Priestess of the Old Religion. In turn, Anwen carried the dagger wherever she went and it was kept safe in her chambers in Camelot until the Eve of Samhain on which Morgana torn the Veil by sacrificing her half-sister Morgause. Anwen accompanied Arthur and his knights on the quest to heal the Veil; and once they reached the Isle of the Blessed, Carublæd was used in blood sacrifice that healed the Veil.