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Dryuuu Dryuuu 3 July 2013

Your alternative ending for Series 5?

Post how you would've done the finale (part 2 and/or part 1) in the comments below!! This is of course pretending the budget was waayyy bigger :D and more screentime..

I will cover how I would've done part 2.

  • The war in Camlann continues. It's the same epic action but twice as much magic and a few more scenes. Also less reused shots of Arthur kicking and stabbing Saxons. Maybe a few less matrix slow-mo shots (they were still really cool) so it looks less reused. We also get to see more Gwaine and Leon fighting individually.
  • Aithusa flies across the sky and Mordred and Morgana are standing on the cliff above where the war is happening. They chant a spell, and the sky goes a more fiery red like in the vision. Fireballs then start raining down f…
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Haylon Haylon 9 February 2013

Court Sorcerer Chapter 1

Hello, this is my very first fanfiction so please don't be too hard on me.  It is an AU of The Diamond of the Day and Arthur lives.

' When Merlin becomes Court Sorcerer, Arthur finds out the hard way that not too many people like the warlock...

Merlin strode through the castle, his midnight blue cloak billowing behind him. It had been several months since Arthur had proclaimed him Camelot's official court Sorcerer but he was still required to wear his blue attiire nearly everday. How he was still alive, Merlin would never know. That fateful day still swam through his memories. "No, Merlin!" Arthur had cried as the raven haired warlock transferred the wound to his own body. Merlin could remember collapsing and seeing Arthur's face blurring abo…

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Arthurlover7 Arthurlover7 6 February 2013

Another Ending for the Dark Tower Part 2/?

Ahhhhhhhh. I cringed at the screams echoing through my head. Aaahhhhhh, eeek. I plugged my ears at the sound ah, make it stop make it stop. The echos suddenly getting louder, more frightening. A darkness went through me trying to drain the good from my heart, making me feel angry, feeling hatred toward everyone I knew. I found myself slipping away as I grew angrier my heart going cold. My mind flipping through names of the people I hate, Merlin, Gaius, Percival, I hate them all, my heart turned to ice, Gwaine, Leon, Elyan, Arthur. . .Arthur. I paused wondering why that name lingered in my mind. . .Arthur. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by a warm light. It was a glowing cloak of warmth surrounding me, restoring my hear…

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Arthurlover7 Arthurlover7 5 February 2013

Another Ending For the Dark Tower Part 1


Swish, swish slash. More leaves and branches were falling to the ground, moving out of my way as the knights and I made our way through the Impenetrable Forest. I looked up to see the sky getting darker. We should be further along by now.

"Sire," I looked up to see Leon, one of my most loyal knights calling to me. The forest is thinning, we are getting close."A

wave of relief flooded through me. Don't worry Guinevere, I silently prayed to her we are coming. We will rescue you. I will come get you Guinevere. . .Guinevere. My heart ached for her. Two days ago, when she went riding to visit her fathers grave she was kidnapped by Morgana on her outing. The knights and I left yesterday morning and only just found out that Morgana took her …

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Arthurlover7 Arthurlover7 4 February 2013

Another Ending to The Dark Tower Part 1/?

Hey I just wanted to post my fanfic up here so you all can read it because it's a fan fic site and this is where yo post fan fics. I have three parts written and typed. I will post the first one and if their are enough good reviews for the people on this fanfic, I will post more,


Swish, swish slash. More leaves and branches were falling to the ground, moving out of my way as the knights and I made our way through the Impenetrable Forest. I looked up to see the sky getting darker. We should be further along by now.
"Sire," I looked up to see Leon, one of my most loyal knights calling to me. The forest is thinning, we are getting close."
A wave of relief flooded through me. Don't worry Guinevere, I silently prayed to her we are coming.…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 20 December 2012

New Fanfic

Hi! This is a short preview of a fanfic that I'm going to write when I get time. It's called, "Hearts of Stone."

"Sire, I think you should come and see this," Leon's tone was grave. Arthur swung his legs over the side of the bed and pulled a shirt over his head.

The tall knight lead Arthur down the corridors to Gaius's chambers. Halfway there, they met Gwen. The serving girl's face was streaked with tears and she was sobbing. Leon continued to pull Arthur through the castle hallways. Just before Gaius's door, Leon stopped before knocking. "I warn you sire that this concerns Merlin."Arthur eyes opened wide in horror. The knight pushed open the door and Arthur gasped.

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QueenBronwyn QueenBronwyn 23 November 2012

Arthur's Curse

Of all the magical creatures in Merlin, they've left out one that I feel would be able to have a great story to go along with it. That would be a mermaid.

This takes place before *spoiler* Gwen turns evil.

CHAPTER 1 ----------------------------------------------------

The black waters of the Western Sea were still, as they always are. It was like a cold, dark mirror, only broken by the occasional fog and seldom boats. A sheer cliff dropped quite a way to the rocky start of the sea, in which a cave opening rested. It was a fairly large cave, enough to successfully hide a person's campsite.

The witch dragged out her rusty cauldron and began to add various strange ingredients into the mix, and finished by dropping a necklace of some sort of magic…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 19 November 2012

Merlin's Daemon Chapter Six

Galian woke to the bright morning sunshine shining in through her window. Her daemon, Darih, fluttered to her shoulder as a barn owl. Absent mindedly, she ran her fingers through his glossy brown feathers and continued to stare out the window. Galian was thinking about the party of captives that had arrived last night. Morgana had sent her up to her chambers as soon as they had entered the castle at sundown. Speaking of her foster mother, she'd better head down to breakfast soon. Galian threw the covers back and dragged a lilac dress over her head, brushed her auburn hair and sprinted down the spiral stairs to th great hall.

Morgana sat at the head of the long brown table in the great hall with her daemon, a large black panther named Helix,…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 13 November 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 9

It was evening when the knights returned from their trip.

Liam had made it back just after them, having stopped to gather some herbs on the way as to have an excuse for being out. To be in trouble was the last thing he wanted.

He was sorting them into the stores when Merlin came in, looking slightly paler than usual. Liam could easily guess why as the other warlock told Gaius about what had happened on the trip.

“I am surprised that such a shrine exists so close to Camelot.” The physician commented when Merlin was finished.

Liam froze. So that’s what it had been. A shrine. All he had ever been told about these sacred places came crashing back to him.

“And it was cursed. I could feel it.” So could I. Liam bit back the retort. It should have been obv…

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Alethia II Alethia II 12 November 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 21


That was all he could see. It streamed from Anwen’s stomach down the pale marble altar and pooled at Kyna’s feet. He saw colour leave Anwen’s skin and she struggled to keep her eyes open. Arthur’s was vaguely aware Kyna calling Merlin to them and two of them shouting healing spells on Anwen. All he was focused on was Anwen’s paling face and screams of pain that tore from her throat.

Arthur woke up with a start thin layer of sweat on his face as he worked to get his breathing under control. Despite the fact that the Dorocha incident happened five months ago, he still had nightmares. It was a small and hollow comfort to know he was not the only one. Every member of their group had some form of nightmares, all revolving about what happen…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 7 November 2012

Merlin's Daemon Chapter Five

Bandits swarmed in on the knights from all sides. The knights and Arthur formed a protective circle around Percival and the injured Merlin. Percival crouched down, shielding Merlin with his body. Alith had started to come round and Salhak was now standing over her limp body. Merlin, however, was still unconcious.

Despite the knight's fighting skills, they were soon overpowered for what the bandits lacked in skill they made up for in numbers. Arthur watched anxiously as his manservant was flung roughly over the back of a horse. Despite her master being unconcious, Alith had changed into a falcon and was standing on Merlin's prone body, hissing at any of the bandits as they passed by. Blood was soaking through the makeshift bandage and little…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 5 November 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 8

Frustrated, Liam was on the brink of throwing the heavy book across the room. He just couldn’t keep the names of various different herbs straight, but it wasn’t just that that was bugging him.

That episode with Gwen being banished still disturbed him.

She had done nothing wrong, except fall under an enchantment… Yet still not a word against Arthur’s decision had been uttered by him as the king had sentenced her to exile, seeing that the only reason he was still allowed to be in a ten mile radius of Camelot was because Gaius had intervened, saying that he would need more help as Merlin more and more frequently was out. Arthur had, a bit reluctantly, agreed to this.

Unfortunately Gaius had meant it, and now Liam was stuck learning herbs and poti…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 2 November 2012

Merlin's Daemon Chapter Four

The courtyard of Camelot was buzzing with activity despite it being the early hours of the morning. Merlin saddled up his horse with Alith perched on his shoulder as a falcon. He hadn't let her out of his sight ever since their nightmare last night. Eventually the girth was tight enough and Merlin mounted the dark bay. Arthur looked across at his raven haired servant and was suprised at the depressed expression on the boy's face.

"You alright?" Arthur asked anxiously.

Merlin looked round and gave Arthur a tight lipped smile and a nod. Arthur stared worriedly at the young man a little longer and then yelled out an order to the knights.

"We set off for the village of Neathid. Neathid lies in Odin's land so watch your backs."

The four knights nod…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 1 November 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest:Chapter 7

When Liam opened his eyes, he found himself staring up at a wooden ceiling, and looked groggily around. Frowning, he thought this isn’t my room… , before remembering that of course he wasn’t at home.

Weeks had passed since he and Rethik had left Brightcrest.


Liam cursed under his breath, threw back the covers that lay on him and jumped up. Immediately, he fell back again, moaning in agony as his broken ribs protested against the sudden movement. This was not good, being separated from his friend as well as having broken bones.

Clutching his aching chest, he gazed around at the room.

Shelves filled the walls, littered with labeled bottles and books. A table lay in the middle of the scene, and he strange scent filled the air. The scent of …

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 31 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 9

In a fairly nearby forest, Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald, two of the knights who were travelling to Camelot for the melee, were making camp for the evening. Little did they know, Dagr and Ebor were hidden behind a bush, listening to their conversation.

'How much further would you say it is to Camelot?' Sir Ethan asked.

'Half a day's ride. The journey is almost over.' Sir Oswald replied.

'It is for you.' Dagr said, emerging from the bush.

'Oswald!' Sir Ethan cried, as he saw Dagr rushing in for the attack.

They fought against each other, but both Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald were killed, their swords were no match for the Stulorne Blades. Dagr stabbed Oswald and Ebor took Ethan from behind. A servant of the two knights ran out of the tent.

'Dagr' Ebor sai…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 30 October 2012

Merlin's Daemon Chapter Three

Merlin collapsed onto his bed, exhausted. As well as running about all over the castle alerting knights and informing councils, Arthur had made him clean his armour, muck out the horses and feed the dogs. Alith flopped down beside him and both fell asleep.

Merlin stirred in his sleep, Alith tossing beside him. The two of them were trapped in a nightmare.

Merlin saw a black wolf dragging Alith further and further away from him. He could only feel pain as he was dragged further and further away from his daemon.

"Alith!" Merlin woke up screaming. Alith leapt into his arms, obviously traumitized by the nightmare . She dug her little lynx claws into Merlin's chest.

"It's alright, I'm here," Alith whispered as she clung to Merlin with all her might.…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 30 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 8

After a little while, Gwaine felt strong enough to stand up and have a little walk around, he needed to exercise his wounded leg anyway. He put on his leather boots and strode up to the window to let some light into the room.

At the window, Gwaine looked out to see the amazing city of Camelot, complete with the smell of freshly cooked food being sold at the markets.

The city was spectacular. It stretched on and on. There were lots of tiny little houses emitting smoke out of the chimneys. Gwaine presumed everyone was baking bread or cooking their lunch, it seemed about midday.

Gwaine was in an inquisitive mood so he put his shirt back on and headed down into the lower town for a little walk.

Whilst walking down the main street, Gwaine noticed a…

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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 29 October 2012

Merlin's daemon Chapter Two

The visitor was a young girl, about ten years old. Her daemon was a small kitten lying in her arms. She was trembling from head to toe as Arthur came forward with Midnight at his heels. Arthur took his seat at the throne with Midnight at his right and Merlin and Alith at his left. Alith had shifted into an ermine for politeness and was wrapped around Merlin's neck. Merlin's eyes flicked from the girl to the king and back again. Alith could sense his uneasiness and her tail swished backwards and forwards across Merlin's back.

"Speak," Arthur commanded, his voice ringing through the chamber.

"I..we..she," stammered the girl, terrified out of her wits.

Arthur stood up, walking towards the young girl. "Slow down," he started. "What's your name?"


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Leonardomerlinfan Leonardomerlinfan 29 October 2012

Merlin's daemon

If any of you have read The Golden Compass or Northern Lights by Philip Pullman you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, let me explain:

In the books, a daemon is a person's soul in the shape of an animal. They can shapeshift and when you're an adult, they adopt one form. However, Merlin's daemon, Alith, won't settle on one form.

Merlin sprinted down the winding corridors of Camelot, aware that he was very late for work. His daemon flew beside him in the form of a falcon.

"Told you you'd be late," she smirked.

"Shut up," Merlin panted as he finally ran down the hallway which contained the royal family's chambers. Just outside the door, Alith changed into a polecat. Servant's daemon's were supposed to be a dog but Merlin had special priviled…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 28 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 7

'How's Gwaine?' Arthur asked Merlin as he was finishing his chores in Arthur's now perfectly clean chambers.

'Recovering.' Merlin replied, whilst pausing to look out of the window down into the courtyard.

'Who's that?' he asked. Arthur went over to the window to see who Merlin was talking about. There was a knight arriving in the square.

'Ahh, Sir Darien. He's here for the melee.' Arthur explained.

' Oh yeah. I remember now. The tournament where the knights ride around hitting eachother with blunt weapons for no good reason.' Merlin said sarcastically.

'There's a little more to it than that.' Arthur said back, slightly offended.

'Really? All I've ever seen is people getting the seven balls knocked out of them so that the last man standing can be…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 28 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 6

When they reached Camelot, Arthur and Merlin took Gwaine straight to Gaius. They set Gwaine down on Merlin's bed.

'Merlin, fetch me some fresh water, towels, a needle and silk thread.'

'And honey?' Merlin added.

'You're learning.'

Arthur looked at Gaius for an explanation.

'Helps fight the infection.' Gaius said.

'Will he be alright?' Arthur asked, genuinely concerned.

'Providing he's strong.'

'He is that. The man saved my life Gaius. He's to be given anything he needs.' Arthur informed.

The next morning, Gwaine awoke in a vert unfamiliar environment to him. He found himself to be shirtless and tucked up in someone's bed. Gwaine shirtless was quite a pleasing sight. He had strong muscles and a set of abs very appealing to any girl. Gwaine also wor…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 27 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 5

Arthur was utterly confused as to why a commoner was getting involved.

Gwaine took a drink fromhis tankard then passed it to Dagr, he looked down at it and Gwaine smiled. Then he punched Dagr in the face.

That was it. Fighting broke out across the tavern. Arthur was locked in combat with Dagr and Gwaine was fighting multiple members of his gang. Merlin was free from fighting for a second, then he saw two thugs charging towards him from the same direction. He spotted a nearby bench, his eyes flashed instinctively orange and the bench flew up and hit the two thugs square in the chest, knocking them out.

Merlin creeped and dodged his way around to behind the bar. Gwaine turned round to see Merlin.

'Pass the jug, eh?' he said, sounding out of brea…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 27 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 6

Liam didn’t think he’d ever been more nervous. The heat inside the helmet was stifling.

How can they stand this? Liam thought.

In Brightcrest they never wore helmets, as there the knights believed that showing the pride and loyalty was more important than protection, for the gods would determine whether a knight died that day or not. Jousts were on the other hand more dangerous without a helmet, Liam reflected as he heard the crowd cheer loudly as another knight was knocked out of the saddle.

The heavily sleeping body of a knight lay next to where he stood.

Liam just hoped that the enchantment would last long enough for him to disappear off again before anyone noticed that two duplicate knights were running around, and that the knight he’d chose…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 26 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 5

Staring into the fire, Liam was deep in thought.

It had been weeks since the run-in with the unknown magic-user, but he still sometimes thought about it, unable to stop himself. Rethik had never said a word about it, but Liam knew his friend well enough to know that he didn’t like it one bit. Zigzagging across the various countries here, they moved from village to village, town to town, hoping to find a lead.

At least Liam was hoping. He wasn’t so sure about Rethik, who was more likely to simply be enjoying the adventure. That was fine by Liam, just as long as his friend was still with him.

That friend was now stretched luxuriously out on the other side of the fire, Syth just behind him.

Liam gave a contented sigh.Life was good right now, expect…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 26 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 4

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, Prince Arthur and his ervant Merlin had finished their day's hunting.

'You know what you need after a hard day's hunt?' Arthur said.

'Sleep.' Merlin complained.

'A nice cold tankard of mead.' Arthur answered himself.

'Mead?' Merlin was unimpressed.

They rode round the village to the tavern on the other side.

'No better place to measure the mood of your people than the local tavern.' Arthur explained.

'This is one of those moments where I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me, isn't it?'

'You're learning Merlin. Slowly, but you're learning. Now remember, in here you're not my servant, I'mjust a simple peasant like everyone else.' Arthur replied.

'The simple part's right.' Merlin muttered. …

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 25 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 3

Gwaine was a little puzzled as to Hunith's answer to his question. He knew it must have been something bad and very personal, that's why she didn't want to talk about it. But, rather, than questioning Hunith further, Gwaine had an idea.

'Why don't I go to Camelot?' He said. 'I can't stay here forever in your house, and it's one of the few places I haven't been to yet. I'm intrigued about your son and would very much like to meet him.'

'That's fine by me. I understand why you have to go.' Hunith replied.

'I'll leave tomorrow then if you don't mind.' Gwaine added.

So, the next morning at dawn, Gwaine woke, ate his last meal at Hunith's house, then prepared for his journey west to the city of Camelot.

'Take care.' Hunith said as Gwaine left.

'Oh I …

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Alethia II Alethia II 25 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 20

Eight pairs of eyes stared at the dagger in Anwen’s hand, unable to stop admiring its cold beauty. Although as Merlin stared at it, he could feel its presence, almost as if the dagger was alive but he assumed it had something to do with the ruby embedded in the handle.


“Carublæd. It was given to me by Rhiannon, High Priestess after Kyna and I completed our final test on Bælial.”

“I’ve never seen it before.” Kyna remarked.

“Because I never believed I would have to use it.”

“What exactly does it do?” Lancelot asked suspiciously, he knew he was not going to like where this was going the moment she drew out that blade.

“It has been made few centuries ago when some of the Priests and Priestess objected that the blood sacrifice for Caille…

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Alethia II Alethia II 24 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 19

No mortal has ever survived their touch.

And that was true.

Until last night.

And then, in Arthur’s opinion, Merlin had to be an idiot and jump in front of the Dorocha instead of him. In those few seconds as Merlin hung suspended in the air and then flung into the wall behind him, Arthur honestly thought that was it. That the conversation they had just few moments before Merlin jumped to protect him was the last one he had ever had with Merlin. And yet here they were. Morning after and Merlin was alive. But both Anwen and Kyna stated that he was dying and needed to be taken back to Gaius.

Ever since he met his manservant, Arthur knew there was something different about him. The happy-go-lucky attitude always puzzled him. As he started get to k…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 24 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 4

“How much family do you have?!”

Rethik merely shrugged at this. “Dunno. Lost count.”

Liam slapped his hand to his face.

That’s it. I want to go home.” He mumbled.

Rethik choked on his bread. They were eating around Gretel’s table.

“What? Why did you drag me with, then?” He managed to splutter while coughing violently with tears streaming down the sides of his face.

“Maybe you should swallow first.” Liam wryly suggested, and hit him on the back. “And before you get your beard into a twist, I was joking. ‘Course we’re going to continue our journey of enlightment.”

Rethik let loose a satisfied burp. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” he said, jumping up from the table.

“You, as usual.” came the swift reply.


Liam felt sick.

Why did Rethik do that…

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Alethia II Alethia II 24 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 18

“We need some wood and horses need to be watered.” Arthur stated when they stopped their journey to the Isle of the Blessed.

Merlin of course immediately went to get the wood, not wishing to be present for Anwen’s lecture session. Arthur grimaced the moment he spotted his cousin narrow gaze on him. After hours of deathly silence, it seemed he was in for lecture. Not that he thought he deserved it, considering his decision to leave on the quest whilst she was still unconscious. He was surprised though when she approached him and started talking in eerily calm voice. In his opinion, that was much worse that shouting.

“Do you have so low opinion of yourself that you are willing to just walk into your death?”


“Then please explain your decisi…

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Alethia II Alethia II 23 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 17

When Anwen came back to the realm of consciousness, first thing she noticed was Lancelot sleeping besides her, clad in his daily outfit with small worried frown gracing his brow. She sighed a bit and caressed his stubble cheek, wondering how long she was asleep and how long was he keeping vigil over her before falling asleep from the exhaustion himself.

Her movements seemed to have woken him and soon she found herself staring in his dark brown eyes that were full of concern and fear. But fear of what?

“How long was I asleep?”

“Two nights and one day, you were really worn. For moment we thought you just slipped away.”

“I am sorry to have caused you such worry. What has happened whilst I was out?”

His eyes meandered away for only a second but it …

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 22 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 2... continued

Despite how long when Merlin asked Hunith's story was, Gwaine still listened intently.

'Merlin said to the Prince that he wished to return home to take care of me and thanked the Prince for his service, but when Merlin asked Gwen, the blacksmith's daughter and maid to the Lady Morgana, for a sword, Gwen and Morgana declared their intention to come with him and fight for the village.'

'So they all came, not just Merlin?' asked Gwaine.

'Yes' Hunith said. 'Prince Arthur, the Lady Morgana, her servant Gwen and Merlin. Prince Arthur gathered up the village people and raised a small army to fight Kanen and his men. There was one young lad who wasn't so keen on the idea, William, or Will as most people called him. He was Merlin's best childhood frie…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 21 October 2012

'Strength' Chapter 2

So, after Gwaine was banished from Elfore, he travelled to the next village, Ealdor. Ealdor was located on the Eastern border of Camelot into Cenred's neighbouring lands.

The tavern in Ealdor was a quiet one. On his first two days there, no horrible bullies turned up demanding money. But on the third day, Gwaine had to leave the tavern as the maximum any guest could stay was only two nights. He did say that he had nowhere else to go, but the tavern owner still refused to let him stay.

Luckily for Gwaine, just as he was about to leave the village, a woman came up to him. Her name was Hunith.

'You can stay in my house if you want.' Hunith said. 'My son used to live there with me but he had to go elsewhere, so I have a spare bed you can use unti…

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Alethia II Alethia II 21 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 16

The slow burning candles in Anwen’s chambers filled them with light and subtle scent of moon orchid. Hair swept up in elegant buns, Anwen and Kyna were kneeling in front of small statute of Mother Goddess; praying for the souls of their ancestors and asking them to bestow blessings to them, their families and friends. The bell started to mark midnight but Kyna was interrupted from her prayer when she suddenly started to feel slightly pressure in her chest and heard audible gasp from Anwen.

Looking at her fellow priestess, Kyna felt panic fill her mind at the sight of Anwen holding her palm splayed across her chest, just above her heart; gasping for air and blood tears streaming down her face. Her other hand helplessly flailed as she tried t…

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Merlin artist Merlin artist 21 October 2012

Gwaine artist - 'Strength' Chapter 1

Typical. He was at it again. The drunk young man in another tavern. And as usual, he was about to be kicked out of yet another village.

It was never his fault. Just some horrible bully forcing the tavern owner to pay whatever money theyy had to them. But of course, somebody went and started another tavern brawl between the two opposing sides.

The only man who was brave enough to stand up to the bullies was young, fit and energetic. He had flowing brown hair which curled in loops at the ends, around an inch above shoulder length. He had a handsome face, slightly tanned with deep brown eyes which you could stare into for the whole day. A cheeky smile was worn on his face everyday. His rough, unshaven face added to his cheeky smile. This man's …

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Alethia II Alethia II 20 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 15

If it weren’t for that slight chill in the air that was the mark of autumn, one could easily mistake the day for one in early spring because of the bright sunshine that was bathing the city of Camelot in the day before eve of Samhain. Everyone was in state of uproar in light of preparations for tonight’s midnight feast though in Anwen’s opinion it was nowhere near the celebrations they had in Solascoill.

She was not about to test her luck and perform series of magical tricks that they used to do in Aelhall during the feast. Not now when she has already earned sizable amount of trust from most of the court members and people of Camelot which was in her opinion more important to her than what some egotistical courtier thought about her.

The th…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 20 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 3

“Show yourselves!”

Liam ignored the command, and kept his back turned.

They had practically landed right in front of Blayze and his knights! How embarrassing.

“Rethik!” Blayze gasped. “What are you doing here? And who’s –“he broke off.

Gritting his teeth, Liam turned.

Blayze’s jaw dropped, but he quickly closed it again. “What do you think you’re doing? Father will be furious!” Liam set his jaw. “I’m not joining the quest, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He said.

Blayze narrowed his eyes at Rethik. “I can see that. Otherwise you wouldn’t have taken this with.” Blayze replied, jerking his head at Rethik, who was starting to snarl.

This was a classic example of the relationship between Liam’s two friends; they couldn’t stand each other.

“I have a sugg…

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Alethia II Alethia II 19 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 14

The only thing that was missing in the festive mood the banquet hall was in next night was Uther Pendragon. Although Arthur wanted him to join the celebrations, the king was far from being mentally well enough to participate. Although Gwen made him company through most of the night, somewhere at the ending of celebrations Inis excused herself as being tired and wanting to retreat but she did confide to Arthur she was going to see his father.

Arthur was not oblivious to the icy glares Inis and Agravaine exchanged during the entire evening. He still vividly remembered the conversation he shared with his aunt earlier in the afternoon when they went horse riding without escort but close to Camelot’s walls.

“Why are you so distrusting towards Agr…

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Aithusa poufpouf22 Aithusa poufpouf22 19 October 2012

FanFic:The Fairy of Four Elements

My 1st fan fic hope u like it!!!!!!=D

Knights,Merlin and Arthur walk closer a lake.Saddenly they heard someone screaming they go to see what happend.They saw a hurt fairy.The fairy go back scared.

Next day they arived in Siria's vilage her friend Tea and the Queen of fairies Aria wait for them

Aria said.

Tea said and hug Siria.

Aria said to Arthur.

Siria said.

After the leave Siria Merlin said:

(Knight laughing)

Sorry guys it is a little small but..anyway hope u like it!!=)

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Alethia II Alethia II 19 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 13

The castle staff and most of the city in general were in state of uproar. It was morning before Arthur’s birthday and along with final preparations for tomorrow’s celebration, they were preparing the guest chambers for the arrival of Lady Inis Averay, Anwen’s mother, her sister Cara and two other ladies of Solascoill’s court. Though latter three names were not familiar to citizens of Camelot, Inis Averay or de Bois was; at least to the older citizens.

“Merlin what’s wrong?” Anwen asked when she spotted her friend coming down the corridor with puzzled look on his face.

Some of the courtiers she passed by were still giving her strange looks even though it has been a week since Alined’s rather short visit. Honestly, she saved them all a lot of …

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Alethia II Alethia II 18 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 12

The knock on the doors of her chambers sounded few hours after she returned from the council meeting. Although she was not really showing it openly, she was annoyed and wanted to inflict bodily harm to that snake of her uncle.

The man was talented with words, she would admit him that as he spent half of the council yapping on about how Kyna and she are supposed to conduct for the first few weeks of their stay here and repeatedly reminded her subtly she gave her word on not using magic, something other councillors were merely nodding their ‘wise’ heads to.

Though she did note that Geoffrey of Monmouth, the court genealogist and archivist, did not particularly like her uncle’s honey laced jabs and warnings other lords were obviously oblivious …

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Alethia II Alethia II 17 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 11

“What could you have possibly been doing out in the woods all day?” Arthur asked grumpily under the light of sconce supported torch at the royal stables’ entrance as it was quite dark and well after supper time when Anwen and Merlin returned.

“That is really none of your business, now is it?” Anwen stuck her tongue out like she was ten.

Although Arthur ‘reluctantly’ smiled at his cousin’s sometimes questionable antics, he inwardly cringed a bit because the sight of her acting so childishly triggered a memory of Morgana doing the same thing.

It pained him to know he will most likely never see that side of Morgana again. Anwen did say that no one is beyond salvation but he had hard time believing it. At least his father started to be more commu…

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Alethia II Alethia II 16 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 10

Lancelot was an honourable and kind man, everyone in Camelot knew that. He was probably the perfect picture of what knights should be. Polite and respectful, he rarely if ever spoke against his superior or to be more specific Arthur. He had strong feeling of what was right and wrong, that much Anwen could sense of him without giving into temptation to read his mind.

She was walking with Merlin down the upper corridors that looked into courtyard of the citadel, Merlin with Arthur’s breakfast tray in his hands; when Anwen noticed Lancelot walking across the courtyard with Percival, Leon and Elyan. Apparently, Gwaine was heavy sleeper and very rarely got up in time for his morning duties.

“Why are they looking so grim?” Anwen nudged her friend …

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 16 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 2

Liam glanced warily around him before knocking on the door.

When no one answered for a long time he gave up on waiting. Either nobody was home or they were fast asleep. It was the middle of the night.

He was walking away when the door suddenly opened, and Liam breathed a sigh of relief. Having anyone else other than Rethik opening the door would have been a disaster, so this was a big risk he had taken. “

It’s the middle of the night, Liam.” The sleepy red-headed man said.

“I know that, Rethik, but this is important.”

Rethik yawned. “I’m sure this can wait.”

“Sorry, but it can’t. I’m leaving Brightcrest.”


Rethik was now wide-awake. “Why?”

Liam ignored the question.

“Are you coming with or what?”

Rethik shrugged. “Nothing exiting ever happens …

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 16 October 2012

'The Dog and Sausage' trick

You're probably wondering what that is.

I came up with the concept some time ago. It is very important for all stories.

Ask yourself the question, how does one keep a sausage interesting to the dog that is running after it?

It might seem like a stupid question.

The trick with stories is to keep the so-called 'sausage', AKA the story, interesting.

My answer to the question above would be to keep bobbing and weaving, and sometimes let the 'dog', AKA the reader, get close to it before snatching it away again.

This means that you let the reader they've got the answer to something mysterious that is happening, but then it turns out that it wasn't the answer at all. One must keep leading them on until the end, which is when the 'dog' gets the 'sausage…

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Alethia II Alethia II 16 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 9

The small, almost inaudible growl that escaped Anwen’s throat caught Arthur’s attention as he was showing her around the castle later in the same afternoon after Kyna and she settled down in their new chambers. He followed her line of sight and saw his uncle walking down the distant corridor with his servant, chattering away the orders for whatever his uncle had in mind.

If his uncle Agravaine saw Anwen, he was not showing it in any way but he did seem tense. Arthur wanted to know what exactly happened that made them both so jumpy around one another. The question however would have to wait until late hours after supper when they would finally be alone.

“When are we having supper?” Anwen suddenly asked, stopping in her step.

“In two hours. Why…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 14 October 2012

The Sun of Brightcrest: Chapter 1

My first fanfiction. All reviews/comments are greatly appreciated! :)


The knight fell to the ground, winded.

Liam offered his hand. “Better luck next time.” He said as the knight took the outstretched hand and was pulled up. He looked battered, thought Liam, and sheathed his sword. The other knight stumbled over to some benches by the edge of the training and gratefully sank down next to another knight, who grinned.

“You really wear them out, Liam.”

Liam smiled, and walked to the benches, coming to a stop in front of the knight who had spoken.

“Do you want to have a go, Blayze?” he asked teasingly.

Blayze gave a playful snort. “And get beaten up by you? I think I’ll pass.”

Liam’s stomach growled. Unfortunately it was a few hours before lunc…

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Alethia II Alethia II 13 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 8

“Why are you fidgeting?” Merlin asked his friend and prince regent of Camelot as the said man went over his casual, daily attire once again with his fingers.

“I’m not…fidgeting.” Arthur muttered, Merlin could not really see what has put him in such mood, seeing as Anwen and Kyna were due to arrive any minute now.

“Is this because of what your uncle said this morning?” Merlin prodded, he did not like the man at all but tolerated his presence because he was apparently back in Camelot after decades long absence to ‘help’ Arthur now that Uther was indisposed.

Though Anwen promised to return to Camelot, she has been delayed in the fulfilment of that promise by five months because she was sent to aid Solascoill’s ally, Listinoise in battle against …

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Alethia II Alethia II 12 October 2012

The Throne of Light: Chapter 7

“What the hell were you two doing?” Was the first thing that came out of Arthur’s mouth when Anwen, Merlin and Lancelot approached him in the courtyard since they met half way.

“We will have to work on your ways of expressing gratitude in the future.” Anwen sighed, shaking her head disapprovingly.

“Gratitude?! We almost got killed down there!”

“You were perfectly safe Arthur.” Kyna pointed out from where she was tending to Elyan’s wound.

“That still doesn’t explain what you two were doing.” Arthur glared at Lancelot and Merlin.

“The alarm bell was well guarded for some reason so they decided to help me. And I am grateful for their help, otherwise I would have had greater problem getting through the guards to the Cup.”

“Do you have it?”

“Yes but I…

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TheHydromancer TheHydromancer 12 October 2012

New Merlin fanfic

Hi everyone! I'm starting on a new fanfiction which I'm meaning to call The Sun of Brightcrest, and I'm going to start posting it to this wiki, just as the first chapter is complete.

Summary: Liam Brightcrest knows that he's not of the Brightcrest house. He has lived in the kingdom of Dyndenvar since he could remember, but knows that long ago he was abandoned at the gates of the city of Brightcrest, named after the Brightcrest family that lives there. Now he goes on a quest to find out where he came from, but the answers are darker than he could have ever imagined...

Some of the characters and names of placesare the same as in The Hydromancer (my book-in-progress), but they are not connected in any other way. They are two seperate worlds tha…

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