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A/N: this is my ninth fanfic. It is an Arthur and Merlin One Shots story. I hope you enjoy it. :D MerlinDragonLord.

Arthur and Merlin One Shots.


The Boy King.[]

Merlin's P.O.V.

Today was Arthur's birthday and as usual instead of being up early and performing his duties. He was determined to sleep in, even now he was king. But Merlin was going to put an end to that. No more would Merlin have to stand there and take Arthur's rubbish when he is late for his duties or his council meetings due to his own faults.

"Rise and shine!" Merlin called cheerily, pulling back the curtains so the sun shone on Arthur's face.

"Merlin!" Arthur grumbled sleepily, pulling back the curtains so that the sun shone on his back. This shouldn't have been possible as Guinevere normally lay here. "Where's Guinevere?!!!!!" Arthur asked suddenly wide awake now

"She's already up and plan....... Ahh I err can't tell you that bit." Merlin mumbled turning his back on Arthur, the tips of his ears red.

"Planning what?" Arthur asked curiously. Merlin didn't reply. "Merlin?!!! Tell me!!!!"

'Actually I think I preferred it when he was fast asleep.' Merlin thought. But there was no escaping it now. "Nothing sire. I meant she is getting the servants to bring you breakfast in bed. It was supposed to be a birthday surprise for you." Merlin said crossing his fingers behind his back, "But now you have spoiled it!" Merlin said.

"Don't worry Merlin. I won't let on that I know." Arthur said winking and grinning. Merlin smiled and left the room.

"Tell the Queen that Arthur hs fallen for the bait." Merlin said to Gwaine. "I have to prepare my stuff." Merlin grinned.

Arthur's P.O.V.

'Something very strange is going on today!' Arthur thought. He had seen the knights just a couple of minutes ago, but when he had called to them. They had turned their backs and walked away as though they hadn't heard him.

Everyone was being very secretive today and Arthur was going to find out why. The breakfast in bed had been a ruse, he knew because whenever Merlin lied the tips of his ears turned red and he never faced Arthur. The breakfast in bed had arrived though but it was just to distract him. Arthur hoped that Merlin would be the one to deliver it so that Arthur could trick some more of what was going on out of him. But Arthur was to be disappointed as it wasn't Merlin who delivered Arthur's breakfast, it was a different servant.

He had seen Merlin again on his way to the banquet hall. He had decided to follow Merlin. But on the way to the banquet hall Merlin had turned left towards the direction of the physician's chambers, but still Arthur followed him. 'Where is he going?!!!' Arthur thought, 'There are shorter ways than this to get to the physician's chambers. If that's even where he's heading.'

Merlin's P.O.V.

'Will he ever stop following me?!' Merlin thought. He knew Arthur was following him because unknown to Arthur, Merlin was using his mind's eye to watch Arthur's every move today. He took a right turn and ran down seven flights of stairs he was hoping to lose Arthur because Merlin had a surprise that only he, Gwen, Gaius and the knights knew about.

He went down through the burial vaults. He had hidden Arthur's keys to this part of the castle so what he and the knights were planning to do, Arthur would not be able to escape from. Merlin smiled grimly as he saw Arthur was still following him. Through his mind's eye he saw the knights of Camelot lying in wait. He walked through one gate and then ran towards the other as he reached it he yelled: "NOW!!!!!" the knights stepped out from where they were hiding and quickly slammed the gates shut, locking Arthur in between them.

"Nice plan Merlin." Gwaine laughed, giving Merlin a high five. "Now." he said to Arthur, "Stay here and don't move sire. We'll be back in a few hours."

"MERLIN!!!!!!" Arthur yelled "If I ever get out of here, I'll put you in the stocks for a month!!!!" he rummaged through his chain of keys attatched to his belt.

"Looking for this sire." Merlin said, with a slight smirk on his face as he spun the keys on his finger. He dropped the keys on the floor, out of Arthur's reach. "Now we can get on with the preparations." they left Arthur down there, as they reached the stairs they could still hear him yelling in anger and frustration.

Arthur's P.O.V.

'How dare they?!!!!! I am the king!!!!!!!!!' he ranted. He had stomped around, he had shouted, he had swung his sword at the thick metal bars of the gates, and he had even kicked the gates which had resulted in nothing but a very painful foot.'What are they even planning which resulted in me ending up locked in here?!!!!!!!!!'

Arthur frowned in anger, he sat on the floor and thought. 'Okay I'm trapped in here. All this anger is not going to get me out of here any quicker so I may as well just calm down and think of strategies.' he looked around for anything that could help him get out of there.

~Que Flashback. ~ Arthur's Childhood. ~

A ten year old Arthur was running through the burial chambers trying to find a good place to hide. He was playing hide and seek with Morgana. She was always very good at hiding but he was always very good at seeking due to the lessons his father had given him on how to hunt and fightand become as good a swordsman as his father.

"Morgana." he called mockingly, "Come out, come out where ever you are." he heard her giggle somewhere on his right.

"You'll never find me." her voice echoed down the dark chambers. Arthur smirked he crept round the corner silent as a ghost, smoother than the wind. He looked behind old tapestries, under broken statues and old thrones covered in cobwebs, he looked behind all the old crypts of his ancestors and still Morgana was nowhere to be found. "Oh I give up." he yelled. Morgana came up silently behind him and tapped on his shoulder. "Where were you?" Arthur yelled. Morgana just giggled and tapped the side of  her nose. She beckoned for Arthur to follow her.  Arthur was a bit hesitant but in the end he followed her. 

She stopped about halfway down the tunnel and knelt on the floor. "What on earth are you doing?" Arthur asked, annoyed at Morgana's games.

"Just wait." Morgana replied. She moved aside an old tapestry and struggled to shove a lump of broken statue out of the way.

"Here let me." Arthur offered. Morgana moved out of the way, as Arthur picked up the lump of statue and placed it to one side. Morgana stared at him. "Well go on. Are you going to show me where you hid or what?" Arthur said.

She knelt bac down on the floor and scratched against the wall for a while with her fingernails. Then her nails latched on the hidden door, she prised it open and stood up smiling at Arthur. Arthur stood there wth his mouth opening and closing like a startled goldfish. "Where does it go?" he asked Morgana.

She knelt back down and crawled into the hole. "Come." she called back to him. Arthur scrambled in after her. The path was small and cramped but large enough for a ten year old to squeeze through. The path ran straight most of the time. It then twisted to the right. Then they came to another door. Morgana pushed the door open and they crawled out. They got up. They were covered in dust but neither of them cared. "Arthur! Morgana! How did you get in here?" a voice called from the other side of the room. Arthur looked round and saw his father stood on the other side of the room, Gaius was beside him.

'So this is where the tunnel leads.' ''Arthur thought.

~End of Flashback. ~

The Princess and the Frog.[]

Camelot was mixed up in a flurry of activity. Camelot had received news that a very important princess was visiting Camelot for a very important reason. Arthur, Guinevere and their royal were the only people who knew the reasons why the princess was coming.

Merlin had been pestering Arthur about it for weeks. "Who is she?" he asked for the twelfth time that day.

"A Very Important Person. Merlin." Athur replied.

"That's all you keep saying!" Merlin replied exasperatedly. He shivered; he had begun to sound a bit like Arthur just then.

"Merlin do me on favor." Arthur said.

"Oh no! You're not tricking me into that again! I learnt my lesson the last time when I covered for you and your father kept throwing me in the stocks!!!" Merlin cried.

"Not that." Arthur replied starting to get annoyed with his servant now. "When the princess gets here she won't accept your....... how shall I put this politely......... 'Normal behaviour.'"

"What do you mean?" Merlin replied slightly confused.

"Your slacking off, trips to the tavern, your lazy, insolent ways. Understand?!!"

"I do not slack off!!!!!!!!! I hardly have a chance to slack off since I arrived in Camelot!!! You never even thank me for any of the things I do for you!!!!! You're just a supercilious, condesending, patronising royal dollophead!!!!!!!" Merlin stormed out of the room. Arthur stared after him.

Gwaine was in a better mood than Merlin was. Arthur had relieved him of his knight duties today in order to escort the princess and the rest of her party to Camelot. Although he had received a very harsh talking to aout his....... what Arthur called 'his usual antics.'

He had been giving orders to patrol the forest in search for the princess, and he had to do it sober. 'Where's the fun in doing things sober?!' he thought as he patrolled the forest, 'Arthur is such a killjoy.'

Meanwhile back at Camelot, Arthur was looking for Merlin. He felt bad. He hadn't meant to upset Merlin, he was just warning him that the princess might not accept his usual actions as much as Arthur did. He had searched the servant's quarters, the court physician's  room, the stables, the kitchens, even the tavern, and still there was no sign of Merlin.

He went to the council chambers to see if Merlin was in there but the only people who were in there was Guinevere and the council. Arthur sighed and sat down at the head of the table beside Guinevere. "Where have you been? What's wrong?" she asked as he sat down.

"Nothing." Arthur replied, glumly.

"It's something tell me." Guinevere replied.

"I had an arguement with Merlin, and now I can't find him anywhere. You don't think he's left do you?" Arthur asked in the same glum tone.

"He won't of left Camelot Arthur. He's always been with you at your side, no matter what you've done." Guinevere said, taking Arthur's hand.

"No. You're right of course you are." Arthur said. "I must find him."

Merlin sat down. He had been walking for ages and he no longer remembered the way back to Camelot. He had never argued with Arthur like that before. He knew Arthur was just trying to make sure he didn't come to any harm, by saying the wrong thing in front of the princess.

But it was true that Arthur never thanked him for any of the stuff he did for the stupid prat. He saved his life, more times than he even cared to remember, he always made sure his room was clean, his armour polished, his clothes washed, and that he was fed before Merlin even thought about himself. Why was it that whenever he saved Arthur's life, someone else always got the credit and the thanks? Merlin never asked for anything. Everything he did, he did just for the good of doing them and never asked for any praise, and Arthur just treated him like an idiot!!!!

Just then he heard someone singing it came from deep inside the forest. Whoever it was they had a very good voice. He followed the sound until he came to a small stream. There by the water's edge a young girl was knelt down beside the water. She was filling up the water satchels. Merlin walked over cautiously. It could prove to be an enchantment. He had learnt that from experience. He remembered only too well, the time when Lady Helen had come to Camelot to sing at Uther's celebrations and he had, had to save Arthur's life by making the chandelier drop on her from above.

That was how it had turned out that Lady Helen was not the real Lady Helen at all, but Mary Collins, the mother of Thomas James Collins, who Uther had, had executed just because he had magic. He also remembered only too well the time when Morgana had used an aging spell to turn herself into Princess Mithian's old maid, Hilda. "Hello?" he called out cautiously.

The girl turned round. "Oh!" she said slightly surprised. "Hello. Who are you?"

Baldness. Arthur's P.O.V.[]

I woke up earlier than normal today. Normally I sleep to around midday until that idiot of a servant comes in, making loads of noise to wake me up. I got out of bed, still half asleep and went behind the screen to get dressed. I threw a red tunic over the top of my head and bent down to pick up my boots that's when I realized something was up.

I looked into the mirror and saw me as I normally look when I wake up early. I still looked the same: bright blue eyes, pale skin. But I had the feeling that something was missing. I looked down. I was wearing my red tunic, my trousers and my boots, so there was nothing missing there. What could be missing? "Of course!" I cried. "My sword belt that's what's missing!" I grabbed it and strapped it round my waist. But I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing.

I looked back into the mirror and concentrated really hard this time. Blue eyes, red tunic, trousers, boots, sword belt, bald head. All there. Wait a minute. Bald head? I looked back in the mirror and focused on the top of my head. Where my dirty blonde, bed-head hair should be...... There was nothing but pale skin. "I've gone bald!!!!!!!!" I cried. "I can't go out looking like this!!!!!!!!!! What shall I do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I looked around my chambers for something to put on my head to cover my missing hair. But the only thng I could find was the feathered hat I made Merlin wear once when Bayard of Mercia had visited Camelot. "Great!" I said sarcastically. I put the hat on my head. as either that or going around bald, and I wasn't about to do that. I left my chambers feeling like a total idiot!

Most of the servants that I passed stifled their laughter. Others just couldn't contain their laughter; they ran off down the corridor shrieking with laughter. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment. 'This sucks!' I thought as another servant ran off laughing. I gave everyone I passed my glare of death, but that just made it worse. How was I supposed to defend Camelot from invaders like this? Make them laugh themselves to death?!

I went to see if Gaius had a remedy for this kind of ailment. I remembered the last time when the same sort of thing happened to my father due to the idiotic person who released the goblin. Although I also remembered that, the remedy involved Gaius 'the goblin' slapping my father's head. I think I'd prefer to keep the hat on until the spell wears off........ if it wears off. I took many shortcuts and secret passages to avoid coming across any of my knights........ or worse........ coming across Guinevere like this! I half ran, half walked to Gaius' chambers. Just then I heard Sir Leon calling my name. I looked back and saw him running down the corridor towards me. He faltered a couple of steps away from me as he took in the feathered hat on my head.

"Why are you wearing that hat sire?" he asked.

"Umm....." I stuttered. I didn't have a very good answer........ I was cold and so I picked up the first hat I could find........ No that wouldn't do.......... I was just seeing how it would feel to be Merlin when I made him wear this hat......... No! Neither of those answers were very good. I'd just have to show him. "Promise me you won't laugh."

"Okay. I promise. But why?" Sir Leon asked. I lifted the hat off to reveal my bald head. Sir Leon gasped, then smiled but never laughed.

"What happened sire?" he asked.

"I think that goblin has escaped again and been casting spells to make me lose my hair." I said, placing the hat back on my head.

"Okay. What shall we do if we find it?"

"Just kill it. So that this echantment will end and my hair will grow back Leon. Don't tell anyone about this though. Get Mordred and Gwaine to help you."

"Of course sire." Sir Leon replied, turning round and walking away. Sir Leon was my most loyal knight, he had just proved it then by not laughing. I entered Gaius' chambers. I just hoped he had the remedy for it there and then.

Baldness. Merlin's P.O.V.[]

I woke up late. 'Oh man! I'm going to be murdered by Arthur for this!' I dressed quickly, which was easy seeing as I used my magic to bring the items to me. 'I better not be any later than I already am otherwise Arthur is going to go insane!!'  I thought. I ran to the mirror to check how messy my hair was this morning, Arthur always moaned if my hair was messy.

I reached for my comb and then realized that there was no messy black hair to brush this morning. 'Oh no! This is not good. I bet that goblin has escaped again. Although I don't see how as the vaults are impregnable. Arthur's going to go mental when he finds out! Unless he already has!' An image of Arthur with no hair and a bright red angry face flashed into my mind. I burst out laughing. I lay on my bed for a while trying to stop the laughing fit that was threatening to split my sides in half.

I could hear Gaius talking to someone in the other room. I crept towards the door to my bedroom, and peered through one of the cracks. Gaius was talking to Arthur! 'Damn!' I thought, 'I'm for it now!' But Arthur didn't sound angry or annoyed, and he wasn't shouting for Merlin, he was shouting for a remedy for something. I looked around my room for a hat or something to cover my head. I searched under my bed and found one of my old winter hats that I brought to Camelot with me from Ealdor. I jammed that on my head and opened my bedroom door. In Camelot, if you wanted something done you have to do it yourself.

"Sorry I'm late sire. I overslept." I said, apologetically. But Arthur didn't even shout at me.

"For once Merlin I don't blame you." Arthur said, indicating to the hat on my head. "It got you too did it?"

"What are you talking about?" I said. "What got me?"

"The goblin." Arthur replied.

So he did know all about the suspicion of the goblin escaping and making me go bald. "What's with the hat?" I asked Arthur.

"I'll take off my hat, if you take off yours at the same time." Arthur said.

"Ok. Then." I said, grabbing the edges of my hat at the same time as Arthur.

"One....." Arthur said.

"Two....." I said.

"Three!!" We yelled at the same time ripping the hats off our heads.

"You're bald!!!!!!!!!" we yelled atthe same time. Gaius just stood there staring at the two of us.

"Well done, you two. You're observatory skills are beyond normal!" Gaius said sarcastically.

This was unreal. It was like looking in a mirror but instead of a bald me, a bald Arthur was looking back at me. The corners of both our mouths twitched. Then before we knew it, we were both laughing our heads off. Gaius just shook his head at us both.

Baldness. Gwaine's P.O.V.[]

I looked out of the window. Today was going to be a good day. There were no quests and no training for us knights today. So I had the whole day to spend in the tavern. Today was a fantastic day. There was a knock on the door. "Come in!" I called. The door opened and Sir Leon walked in. "Ah! Leon, you're just in time. I was just about to head down to the tavern for the day. Do you want to come?"

"Err..... No. Thanks Gwaine but Arthur's given me and you a job to do." Sir Leon said.

"Did I say today was a fantastic day? I was looking forward to spending the day in the tavern, and now Arthur has spoiled all my fun. How did he know what I was planning to do?!!" I asked, jokigly. Sir Leon laughed.

"Maybe if we get this job solved quickly. You'll be able to spend the day in the tavern." he said.

"Let's hope so eh!" I replied, "The barmaids will be lost without me!"

"Arthur said that Mordred has to help too. So let's go find him." Leon said. We left the room to go in search of Mordred.

Baldness. Mordred's P.O.V.[]

I was woken by the sound of urgent knocking on my door. Probably Merlin checking to make sure I hadn't killed Arthur in the night. I rolled over and tried to fall back to sleep. But the knocking persisted. "What?!!!" I called. The door opened and in strode Sir Leon and Sir Gwaine. "Gwaine? Leon? What is it?"

"The king has ordered us three to do a job for him. There is a goblin loose in Camelot and it is causing havoc. Arthur wants us to find it and kill it."

"Ok." I said leaping out of bed. "Give me one sec to get dressed." I had always wanted to see a goblin they were creatures of magic, like me. But a whole lot more mischievous. I ducked behind the screen and threw on my clothes. I came out from behind the screen. "Ready." I said.

"Err.... Mordred." Sir Leon said.


"Your shirt is on inside out and you haven't put any trousers on." Sir Leon said. I looked down and realized that what Sir Leon said was true.

"Opps." I said, my face flushing with embarrassment. I went back behind the screen. I had never felt so embarrassed before. I grabbed the pair of trousers that were hanging over the top of the screen and turned my shirt back the right way round. "Ready." I said again.

"You sure?" Sir Gwaine said.

"Yes. Why?" I said cautiously.

"It looks like you're missing a boot, and sword." he replied. I looked down again, but my sword and both boots were there. Sir Gwaine and Sir Leon burst out laughing. I grinned along with them. We left the room to go after the goblin.

Baldness. Mordred's, Gwaine's and Leon's P.O.V.[]

We were searching possibly the hundredth room that morning. There was still no sign of the goblin. "Where could it be?" Gwaine asked.

"It will most likely be in the messiest place in Camelot. The mess would have been made by the goblin. The goblin has a strange fascination in gold." Leon replied.

"And you know that how?" Gwaine asked.

"I told you Gwaine. The goblin was released once before in Camelot. It made Uther go bald, I and the other knights got boils, Gwen, Morgana and Uther had terrible flatulence and Arthur got the ears and voice of a donkey." Leon said, failing to keep the smile out of his voice. Gwaine and Mordred smirked.

"Goblins are creatures of magic and are extremely mischievous so be on your guard." Leon said.

"They can also turn themsleves into little balls of light. So put these on your head to cover your ears otherwise they will go inside and possess you. When they turn into little balls of light they can move very fast." Mordred said, giving the others a hat with flaps that tightly covered their ears. They put the hats on their heads.

"How do you know? You weren't in Camelot last time." Leon said.

"Oh I read a book." Mordred replied.

We walked on in silence. We checked every room we past but there was no sign of mess or the goblin. "This is hopeless." Mordred yelled. "We won't find it like this. Get round that corner and hide. I have a plan."

They hid behind the corner. "What are you planning Mordred?" Leon whispered.

"Shush. Just watch." Mordred replied. He pulled a coin from his pocket and threw it along the floor. It rolled along the corridor then stopped about halfway down. It fell to the floor. The three of them stood in wait. Just as they were about to give up hope. The goblin came right up to coin, his back facing them. "Now." Mordred whispered.

They quietly unsheathed their swords and crept towards the goblin. The goblin hadn't noticed a thing. He picked up the coin and began licking it. "Urgh. It's definitely the same one." Leon whispered. They crept forward even more. They all swung their swords towards the goblin at the same time. But the goblin must have heard the swoosh of the blades slicing through the wind. It leapt out of the way of Gwaine's and Leon's swords but it wasn't aware of Mordred's blade which caught its arm. Two vases that were on a table on the side of the corridor flew at Mordred's and Leon's head. Knocking them both out as it smashed against the sides of their heads. Gwaine swung his sword at the goblin again but the goblin dodged it and made another vase fly and hit Gwaine's head. Having knocked out all three of them. The goblin cast a spell and left the knights lying on the floor.

The knights woke from their unconscious state. It was around midday now. "What happened?" Mordred groaned, clutching his head.

"I think the goblin ambushed us from the look of the shards of vases on the floor and from the fact that we are all on the floor, and yet there is no smell of intoxication." Sir Leon said.

"Ahhh....... What?!!" Gwaine asked.

"Come on. On your feet." Leon said. "We need to check that we haven't sprouted donkey ears or boils or that we haven't lost all our hair."

"Or been given terrible flatulence." Gwaine added.

"My room is closest, s come on." Mordred said, marching down the corridor. Gwaine looked at Leon, shrugged his shoulders and went after Mordred.

Back in Mordred's chambers the knights took off their hats and saw not donkey ears, but bald heads. Sir Leon looked at Mordred and Gwaine who were both bald. They took one look at each other and laughed. Gwaine was the only one who looked slightly grumpy. "What's eating you?" Mordred asked Gwaine.

"How can I be th famous ladies man of Camelot with my fanciful hair missing?" Gwaine replied. Sir Leon and Mordred both laughed even harder. Even Gwaine joined in.

"Right I think our best bet is to go to see if Gaius has a remedy. But we better put the hats back on." Sir Leon said. Mordred and Gwaine didn't need telling twice. They headed to Gaius' rooms.

Baldness. Arthur's, Merlin's, Gwaine's, Mordred's& Leon's P.O.V[]

Mordred's, Gwaine's and Leon's P.O.V.

We were dreading the moment when we walked back into Gaius' rooms and having to face Arthur. Arthur was going to go mental at them all. They already knew what Arthur was going to say: "Three of you!!! Three of my finest knights outwitted by a goblin. I don't believe this!!!!!! Are you all that uncapable?!!!!" They really weren't looking forward to their meeting with Arthur and having to tell him that the goblin knocked them all unconscious and turned them bald and then escaped. They would tell him that Mordred had managed to wound the goblin but they doubted that, that news would comfort Arthur that much.

They were outside Gaius' chambers now. Each of them knew what the other was thinking: 'Okay. It's now or never.' All of them would have preferred the 'never' part of this confrontation that was about to start. All of them would prefer to enter the room with good news and seeing Arthur with a full head of hair: "We did it!! We killed the goblin the enchantment is broken!!!!"

All characters P.O.V.

They entered the room. "Well did you do it?" Arthur called; he still had that hat on.

Merlin was stood in the corner; a hat was on his head too. "Merlin!!" Mordred said telepathically, "It got you too?"

"Yeah." Merlin replied. "I see it also got you, Gwaine and Leon."

"Yeah. Arthur doesn't look to happy." Mordred said.

"Nor will he be when you tell him that you injured the goblin but let it escape after that." Merlin said telepathically. They ended their telepathic conversation and focused on Arthur as Sir Leon started to tell him what happened.

"Well we cornered the goblin due to a plan of Mordred's. He had the idea to roll the coin along the floor and wait for it to come for the coin." Sir Leon said, he paused unsure as to how to continue.

"Well? So you killed it?" Arthur pressed.

"Well...... not exactly........"

"What do you mean?" Arthur said his temper rising. Mordred glanced back at Merlin.

"We cornered the goblin and swung our blades at it. Mine and Gwaine's missed but again due to Mordred the goblin became injured and well it sort of........ knocked me and Mordred out........." Sir Leon trailed off.

"Then I swung my blade at the goblin but it dodged it. Then knocked me out and cast a spell on us to make us bald." Gwaine finished.

As they had expected Arthur's anger reached boiling point. But they weren't prepared for the full face to face outburst. "THREE OF YOU!!!!!! THREE OF MY FINEST KNIGHTS OUTWITTED BY A GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU ALL THAT INCAPABLE?!!!!!!!!!!!! A GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT YOU CORNERED IT AND THEN LET IT ESCAPE?!!!!!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, AND ALL OF YOU INCLUDING YOU MERLIN WILL HELP ME VANQUISH THIS CREATURE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Arthur roared. They hung their heads in shame. Neither of them had been shouted like that by Arthur before and they all felt very embarrassed. Arthur stormed out the room, followed by Merlin and the knights.

They were walking down the west wing in search of the goblin. As they walked they noticed the area was gettig messier and messier. So it was clear that the goblin had been down here. There were also small puddles of blood on the floor.

They followed the trail until they heard the goblin's voice coming from the inside of one of the rooms on their right. They saw an old boot come flying out of the room and they knew that the goblin was searching for gold. They crept into the room, and the knights silently drew their swords.

Merlin looked around the room and spotted the goblin with his head in a cupboard just a few feet in front of Arthur. "Arthur." Merlin mouthed; luckily Arthur oticed that Merlin was trying to get his attention.

"What?" Arthur mouthed back.

"The goblin." Merlin nodded. Arthur looked, saw the goblin and nodded in a way of thanks to Merlin. He gestured for the knights to creep round and silently surround it. They surrounded the goblin. But that's when the goblin noticed what they were doing; it started creating all kinds of mischief.

A few vases flew at Arthur's head but Merlin cast a spell and they smashed into a wall opposite. Merlin ran to the table and grabbed one of the daggers. A vase smashed into both Gwaine and Leon's heads. They fell to the floor unconscious. Mordred and Arthur attacked the goblin both wounding it again. But just before the goblin was about to smash some vases into Arthur and Mordred's heads. Merlin threw the dagger and using magic, he guided it straight into the goblin's chest. The goblin dropped to its knees ad lay there not moving. Arthur then picked it up an threw it in the fire.

While it burned in the flames, the vases dropped to the floor and smashed. Gwaine and Leon got up off the floor, rubbing their heads but smiling. Tey removed their hats ad realized that their hair was growing back. They all grinned. "Right! To the tavern I think!!!" Arthur yelled. The knights and Merlin stared at him.

"Who are you and what have you done with the real Arthur?!" Merlin joked.

"Oh come on! We deserve it after the hassle w've been through!" Arthur said leading the way out of the room. Merlin went to follow. "Err..... Not you Merlin." Arthur said.

"What are you talking about?" Merlin asked.

"Well. Someone needs to clear up all this mess." Arthur said. Merlin stared at him in shock.

Mordred stared at Merlin. "You used your magic to kill that goblin. I saw you." Mordred said telepathically.

"Well. At least it was only you." Merlin replied.

"To the tavern!!!!!!!!" Gwaine cheered. The knights left but Mordred hung back.

"I'll catch you up!" Mordred called. "I'll give you a hand. Then we can all go to the tavern."

"No. It's okay I'll do it." Merlin replied hastily.

"No. You played your part too. You deserve to come to the tavern too." Mordred said and he began casting spells to clear up the mess. Merlin joined in, helping Mordred to clear up the goblin's mess.

"Why are you doing this?" Merlin asked Mordred.

Because......." Mordred started. "I want to prove to you that I have changed. I know you don't believe it. But it's true." Merlin staredat him, then nodded grateful for the help.